Our Clients


Wine Collectors

Connoisseurs of wine with discerning tastes and an appreciation for the fine and the rare. Those who want access to specific wines along with private, independent advice on what to buy and where. We cater to those who want to enjoy their wine in many narratives regardless of price.  


Asset Advisors

Wealth managers, trust and estate planners, insurance advisors, and family offices that have clients with substantial lifestyle assets, fine wine, art, cars, and other collectibles. Our clients are forward thinkers and know such assets must be actively managed well in advance of a transfer of wealth or other event.  We can provide the resources to connect to your clients' immediate needs.



Providers of value added services such as storage, retail and auctions. These clients do the hard lifting to make wine ownership easier, while we provide supplemental insight to offer to their clients. Those with inventory management systems provide organization, while we provide additional data and access to facilitate portfolio repositioning and wine storage growth and movement.

Private collectors in the US and Europe.  PURE Insurance, Daintree Advisors, AIG Private Client, McSweeney & Ricci Insurance, Wolf & Co., Delta Dental, Boston Estate Planning Council, Boston Security Analysts, Women's Advisor Forum, Women's Private Equity Summit. We have held events at Troquet, Menton, the Nantucket Culinary Center, hosted clients and wine friends at the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux at the Boston Harbor Hotel, Zuleika Gallery and the Financial Times in London.  We are thrilled to support the wines of Doubleback, Hirsch Vineyards, the portfolio of the Sporting Wine Club and Cos d'Estournel, Chateau Angelus, Penfolds, Poggio di Sotto, Chacra and Chateau Maris and welcome building new producer relationships. 

How Vinolytics Helps


Collection Management, market access, Advice

We give the collection the attention it needs.  We inform clients on what to drink when, what it is worth, and how to access the market in order to buy or sell with discretion and efficiency. We share our views on interesting wines to curate the "aha" wine experiences and enhance their collection. 



Valuation and Market Insight, fiduciary coverage

We provide independent valuation of wine assets from more than one source.  We understand what is happening in the market and give guidance on how others can advise their wine loving clients to make informed decisions about their collection.  


value added and differentiated product

Our clients have their clients' trust. As wines are cataloged and properly stored, they may not be reviewed and evaluated as frequently as they should be. By offering Vinolytics, clients have the ability to offer more to their customers analytically, while also helping to engage and create more personal experiences with a collection.