A Wine Valentine’s Day Poem for You


Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm drinking wine tonight what about you?

Heading to a restaurant, don't be shy, try something new, take a walk on the wild side.

Charbono, Trebbiano, Argaman or Poulsard? These varietals may not be your everyday pick, but if you don't try them you might miss a trick.

Should home be your venue when Cupid strikes, perhaps you need go no further than to the cellar to find what you like. When humidity is perfect and temperatures are steady, give the wines the time they deserve and they will be extra special when drinking is ready. A special occasion means time for a wine review, 2001 or 1982? What happened then to the wine or to you?

A stop to the wine merchant may be your best bet. May they be thoughtful and interested in all that you do or don't know. A new producer or region will always help your wine knowledge grow.

On this Valentine's Day may a wine that you love, kiss your glass, warm your heart and connect you to Cupid's dart.

The Vinolytics Team