"Red or White?"....Really....is that the question?


Be honest, how many "events" have you attended this spring and the ask behind the bar is still "red or white"? How many fund raising dinners have you been to where there was one red, one white and neither worked with the food nor your palate? To be fair, Prosecco has made a strong showing on the circuit, along with the must have rose, and both have terrific back stories and should not be painted with one brush. What if the bartenders could offer offer a Syrah or Poulsard or a Chenin Blanc from South Africa or Albarino from Spain rather than just red or white, and the quality of the wines could speak for themselves. Sure you can read the label, but with a little thought and planning a terrific night of wine will lift the spirits of the guests and the coffers of the organization looking for support.

Seasons can drive memories and wines can help us forge them, so start applying the art of serving wines at family and foundation events that are interesting, thought provoking and worth remembering. Asking for donations for wine is one thing, but if you are going to do it plan it. Ask for the back story, understand the wine and pair it properly. Don't be shy about asking questions and reaching out for suggestions. The only way to learn more about wine is to try it, talk about it and share the experience. All of this can be done on bottles as reasonable as $12 to $15 a bottle. Serving wines to heavy handed friends is polite so find one that fits the palate and the budget. In a recent radio interview with Camille Broderick of Camille's Demi-Hour, the ever wine thoughtful Eric Asimov summed up the consumer view on wine, many consumers view wine simply as a method of alcohol distribution and that is a real shame. There is so much more to wine than the alcohol. It really is the only adult beverage that expresses place and purpose in a glass and can bring friends and family together for general camaraderie or to raise awareness of a cause.

Memorial Day and Bank Holiday officially kick offer summer for many in the Northern Hemisphere and with it will come the shift to fruity whites and lighter reds. The rose wall will be a blush of colors and consumers will be more confused than ever on what to drink with their burgers and franks. Take the challenge this summer to offer new varietals and regions. Look beyond the 12 Pinot Grigios and Chardonnays filling the grocery fridge and think real summer. Think tapenade, strawberries, peas, corn, fish, shellfish, greens, tomatoes and flowers. Think sun and surf. Where would you like to travel to a place, a climate, a culture.

I will be spending part of my summer with the lovely, sparkling wines of England and the exciting varietals of Croatia. For my gatherings we shall drink the summer and enjoy Picpoul and Vino Verde, Albarino and Assyrtiko. For my reds I will of course be grabbing the various shades of rose but rounding it out with lighter styled Italians such as Barbera and Dolcetto, Germany's Zweigelt and Blaufankish, uber cool climate Pinot Noir from Sonoma and hopefully a few more surprises I find along the way.

Enjoy the summer. Reach out for guidance for wine lists for events, small or large, and take the time to share your wine experiences this summer. Follow us on Instagram @Vinolytics1855 or @wineassetmgr on Twitter.

Our next curated client event is "Technology, Design and Wine" where we will feature a range of uniquely designed bottles and product from Bellini and Ca 'del Bosco, a comparison of oaked and unoaked Sauvignon Blanc, rose out of a can versus a classic and a Napa Cabernet versus a Cru Bourgeois Bordeaux. Not your average night of wine and a menu to match all the wines.

Finally we are thrilled to announce our collaboration with "Napa in New England" in support of Cure Duchenne. Learn more here about this exciting night of wine in New England in November and the event in Newport, California in March and the producers that support it.

Now go grab those flip flops.

Jennifer and Team Vinolytics

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