Counting Eggs (Bottles) and Making Friends

Look familiar? Does the thought of figuring out what wine to drink this weekend leave you slightly overwhelmed? Holidays and family celebrations provide us with a unique opportunity to pull that "special" bottle from the cellar or take a chance on the wine merchant and learn more about a wine we have never had. And to reflect.

What would your wine map look like?

I recently had the great pleasure of working with a new client to organize and inventory his wines. A familiar story of wines going from one house to the next having been collected over the years and finally being consolidated in a temperature controlled locker. He happily showed me the first wine his mother ever gave him, we rediscovered his honeymoon wines and he introduced me to new producers and shared his stories of his wine travels. We talked about the wines from Italy and the little old lady he woke from a mid-day siesta who offered him lunch as he journeyed up to her cellar. He shared the story of a promient Napa wine producer and his special plot of Zinfandel planted just for said producer as his "lunch" wine. For hours we were undisturbed by phones, email or the rest of the world and we just talked wines and shared stories, having only met that day. We took a trip down wine memory lane and now we will figure out where those wines are in their lifecycle.

Dashboard (4).png

As we analyze the data, map the wines out and provide a roadmap for drinking his wines over the years to come, we will have done our job. We have helped the client re-connect with his wines, the wines will get into a glass and we have had time to reflect on how those wines came to be in that locker in the first place.

This holiday weekend whether you are a collector, new to wine or starting your wine library, find an interesting wine with a story to tell. If you can pull out an older vintage, do. If you have been saving a wine to share with those special friends and family, take a chance this weekend.

I am cracking a 2007 Chateau Angelus with British and Irish friends who are new to America. A few years ago I made a new friend at the Nantucket Wine Festival, Jean-Bernard Grenie, from Chateau Angelus. I was mesmerized by his wines and enchanted by his commitment to his craft and his kind, inviting demeanor. I will forever be grateful to him for coming to my home in Boston and sharing his wines with a few AOC Advisors supporters in the early days. A remarkable experience and one I will never forget. Easter 2017, with the wine now 10 years on in bottle, is the right time to check on the wine's evolution. I shall regale the story of JB, build more friendships through wine and learn a little bit more about the magical relationship between wine and time.

You have to drink it sometime, make the time. #nowinetozero