Bye Bye Summer Wine

Strawberries cherries and an angel's kiss in spring. My summer wine is really made from all these things. 
Listen to Nancy's Sinatra's Summer Wine

Sad, but true.  In a few weeks fellow wine lovers in many geographies will begin the seasonal yearning for big, deep reds and full bodied whites.  As the temperature dips and nights grow longer, who doesn't yearn for a full bodied wine to take comfort from the cold and mark seasonal transition.  With the changing seasons so too will come new foods and wines to complement them. The season also brings a new vintage and so we will welcome the 2016 grapes to share their juice in the wineries around the globe. It will also begin the countdown to 2017 where the 2007 and 1997 vintages will turn 10 and 20 years old.  Typically, fuller bodied reds can be more age worthy and so the season of heading to the cellar and updating the inventory is soon to be upon us.   

As the years pass and wine ages, we revisit the vintages and harvests and how the climate and conditions can affect a wine and its ability to age over time.  The good news about 2007 is it was a great one for big red producing regions. Chateauneuf du Pape in the Rhone and Italy's Piedmont Barolos and Barbarescos, Tuscany's Brunellos and Vintage Port are all 96+ vintages to be explored and enjoyed in their 10th year. 1997 was a good year for Austrian wines 96+. Interestingly, once again Italy and California also had good vintages at 95+ to 90+.  Tuscany in particular had a strong vintage as did Piedmont and Chianti.  California Zinfandel and Washington Cabernets and Syrah eeked 90s in 1987 with the rest of the world showing a mixed vintage. 

As the last few months of 2016 roll in let's also not forget that 2006 was a top year for Tuscany and Piedmont's Barolos and they can age beautifully. The 2006 Bordeaux I have had the pleasure of drinking are ready to be enjoyed. 1996 was superb for Left Bank Bordeaux Saint Julien, Saint Estephe and Pauillac. We have been buying the rare 1996 Bordeaux offers for clients for them to enjoy now and the next few years to come as supply continues to dwindle.  Champagne from 1996 is also as collectible today as when it was released and Barolo and Barbaresco also had strong vintages. We are always on the lookout for those rare offerings that come our way or clients ask us to seek out for them. 

While vintage ratings are a general guideline, they are an important first step to think about when buying, selling or drinking a wine.  Each wine has its own story to tell of the vintage and the management of one vineyard and decisions made throughout the season may dramatically alter how a wine shows in a given year.  

That is the beauty of wine.  Made from a place in variable conditions and able to express itself in a glass.  

Vinolytics simplifies wine management by letting collectors and their advisors know exactly what 2007s, 1997s and even 1987 and any other vintage wines they own, how much they are worth, how they have performed and most importantly when they should be or should have been consumed.  

No wine to zero.  Drink it, sell it, share it.