I have a friend who clearly went to a good nursery school, she knows how to share very well.  I call her my friend with wine benefits and she is incredibly kind, always smiles, is in crazy shape and she loves wine.  Among the wines we have most recently shared are all five Bordeaux “First Growths” from the 2001 vintage.  What an amazing opportunity to taste this “horizontal”.  How do wine collectors and lovers of wine around the world decide which wine to cellar, drink or share?

Fine wine is one of life’s great pleasures and as it ages, if well stored, it can be an experience like no other.  The glass can take you on a journey of history and geography and transform your current reality from Boston to Bordeaux in a sip. Looking more closely at the monetary value of the tasting (average retail) and the performance (since release) of the wines, deciding whether to cellar, drink or share is often not any easy one. Ranked by order of preference from the tasting, Haut Brion, $491 +183%, Margaux, $529 +225%, Latour $653 +253%, Mouton Rothschild $501 +212%, Lafite Rothschild,$842 +393%, the cost and the appreciation are meaningful.

Once we look at the numbers and the returns one can see why cellaring your wine well, looking after it and having it valued gives you the option to make the decision to drink, cellar or share and when to do so.  You might not think of your wine as an investment but for most of us $3,000 for five bottles might make some of us think twice. Thankfully for me the choice was to share.  If wine is a part of your assets, you would like it to be or you oversee trusts and estates, reach out to AOC and preserve, value and protect the asset that you really can share. Manage your vintages, buy the best wine you can at the right price and don’t forget sharing is caring.