What are you waiting for?

You keep looking at the bottle or the case, remembering how special it was to receive it. What a thoughtful gift. Vintage wine, meant to be enjoyed over time to remember and celebrate the occasion. Unlike art, however, wine is not to be looked at day in and day out. If it sits there forever you are just looking at a bottle with a pretty label and some juice in it and will never have the experience the gift giver intended you to have. Wine given for weddings, births, birthdays, anniversaries should be special but they are also meant to be enjoyed and to help you re-live the event and enjoy the moment.


You may not have thousands or even hundreds of bottles stored but don't keep looking at the price of the bottle and let the years tick by without working out a plan. Yes, storage matters. Too much heat, too little humidity and too much light and bye bye bottle. No reunion tour for you.

Take the time to learn about your wine. Knowing the vintage and the producer and the backstory will make the experience like taking a walk back through time in one of the world's most beautiful landscapes. The weather, the blend, the fermentation, the barrels all express themselves in the bottle and open up in the glass.

You can't digitally keep a bottle of wine, but you can get organized, make a wine plan and have an even better wine journey than you could have possibly imagined.

Wine management. Simplified. Good for wine and those that love it.

...and yes I had a wonderful birthday....thank you Mouton and a friend who truly loves their wine.