At the end of the day, for me, wine is meant to be consumed and enjoyed and should bring meaning to life’s journey. If you have ever spent time in a vineyard, talked with a winemaker, or had the opportunity to drink 20 or 25 year old Bordeaux or Burgundy and have that “aha” moment, you know what I am talking about. By building Vinolytics and providing our advisory services we are looking to make wine easier to manage, to engage with, and most importantly to enjoy.

The Vinolytics Story

A little over three years ago I took the leap of hanging out a shingle. After years of working in asset management and over ten years of studying wine, I wanted to marry two things I love—wine and markets—so I set out to build a wine advisory consulting company. Working with private collectors, I quickly realized that they found engaging with and managing their collections to be a challenge. After spending several years providing insights based on data that I would manually collect from various sources, I realized there had to be a better way to aggregate this data so clients could more easily manage their collections. So I set out to build Vinolytics, a data visualization tool that enables wine collectors and their advisors to easily engage with their wine. Wine is the one collectible that truly does “go to zero.” Helping to ensure that does not happen, and maximizing the time one has with their wine, was a driving factor behind Vinolytics. Clients have invested the time and money to build beautiful collections, the last thing they want is for the wine not to be enjoyed before the end of its natural life cycle, or for someone else not to enjoy it if they can’t. See Jennifer’s visual journey here.


Vinolytics is built on a collaborative effort by computer science veterans as well as recent graduates from various schools and backgrounds. We set out to build a development team that is experimental, resourceful, creative, dedicated, and patient. At Vinolytics we want to build a development platform that is fluid, inspires learning, encourages responsibility, and most importantly is not afraid of bugs.




Strategic Partnerships and Business Development


Vinolytics is headquartered in Boston, MA.


20 Park Plaza
Suite 400
Boston MA 02216

(617) 990-6840

Media Appearances

Jennifer is an impassioned public speaker and has spoken all over the world on the fine wine market and has conducted tasting of some of the world’s finest wines. Vinolytics will bring one of a kind wine experiences and content to any event you are planning.